Fall 1966

The Reverend Dr. William Kirkpatrick was asked to head a committee to look at the need for a nursing home in the Penn Yan area. Evidence revealed that there was a need in the area because people were being shipped away as far as Buffalo for nursing home care. A Regional Health and Hospital Council was given a Letter of Intent to build a nursing home but were denied.

Fall 1969

The need for a facility was later established by the New York State Department of Health. Soldiers and Sailors Hospital’s Board of Directors gave the land for Penn Yan Manor Nursing Home Inc. to be built upon.

January 1970

As construction companies began bidding on the job to build the Penn Yan Manor. The lowest bidder was still $140,000 over what the Development Committee believed would be the total cost. This left them with 5 weeks to raise $140,000 or lose the entire project. Word of this spread to the community and donations started pouring in from businesses, high school students, teachers, sewing clubs and individual residents residing in the community. In the conclusion of those 5 weeks over $155,000 was raised for the Penn Yan Manor.

Spring 1970

The construction of the Penn Yan Manor Nursing Home began.

September 1971

After the completion of construction Penn Yan Manor Nursing Home opened its doors for operation. The Manor’s philosophy was centered around the needs, concerns and care of the elderly in order to give them self-determination and human dignity.


The Philosophy of the Penn Yan Manor:

We Believe…

  • That the resident is deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment we can help give to the person; and that to care for the resident, we must CARE for him or her.
  • That the resident is an individual and is to be accepted as he/she is…as an elderly resident, he/she is to be treated with the respect and dignity due to one of his/her years living.
  • That aging is a normal process of living and need not be a period of mental and physical deterioration.
  • That post discharge planning should be initiated with the resident and the resident’s family upon admission, that a rehabilitation-resocialization program be established emphasizing the resident’s abilities not disabilities, self-care activities and the reality orientation for the confused and disoriented be prescribed. The basic objective is for the resident to live out their lives in the community and in full command of their own affairs if possible.
  • That the resident must feel the attitude of the staff is hopeful, dedicated and interested in restoring a person to the best fit life one can live in their remaining years. The community needs the skills, experience and wisdom of our Elders. Our Elders need somewhere to live, something to do and someone who cares. And that place will now be Penn Yan Manor Nursing Home